One off bookings can be arranged with ease online at MotoXpress or via your mobile app. For regular bookings, you can arrange regular pick-ups and drop offs either through your app or online in less than a minute.

We’re unable to accept Dangerous Goods, unlawful drugs (please see our Senders terms and conditions for further information).

Online job booking is fast and simple. Regular users can select from frequent address listings or set the system to display a list of the last ten addresses that you delivered to. The job is booked live into our dispatch system.

Our site allows you to enquire about any job that is booked either online or via your mobile app either live or from a previous date. You can search by a key word or job number or date.

Our site allows you to view your statements online, we can even send you your statement online and you can pay your account securely online.

Yes, you can via your mobile app the driver will let you know how far away is the driver from the designation required.

We know how important it is that your parcel arrives safely and undamaged. Packaging items carefully gets them off to a good start.

  • Choose a good quality box. Especially for deliveries that contain fragile items.
  • Choose the right sized box. Remember the maximum sizes that are permitted.
  • Protect your items Bubble wrap, foam, and newspaper can all be used to protect your items.
  • Wrap each item in the box individually. When sending multiple items within one box it’s recommended that each item is wrapped individually. This offers better protection for your items and reduces movement.
  • Close the parcel with packing tape. Close all open edges of the parcel with wide parcel tape on both the top and bottom of your package to ensure it doesn’t open during transit.
  • When labelling your parcel, always use clear, accurate address labels on your parcels.

Your day-to-day point of contact is our Enquiry line 0406 802 837. Our team will be more than happy to help with any question you may have. You can also Contact Us by submitting a form on our website.

Payments can be made by credit card payments, PayPal, or by opening a Business Account.

It all depends upon which service you have selected for your parcel.

  • There is VIP, this service is a direct pick up and drop off.
  • Then there is Express this service pick up asap then drop off in two to three hours.
  • Then there is the Budget this service pick up on route and then drop off in four to five hours.

Our Courier Company standards of service are total! Drivers are in MotoXpress Courier uniforms with ID cards are helpful and co-operative. Their motorcycles are easily and clearly recognisable and are also clean, with the MotoXpress Couriers logo on the box of the motorcycle. MotoXpress Couriers also has in place both accredited standards and our own company standards to ensure we continue to deliver the highest quality of service in the field of courier delivery.